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Gedicht zu Judas Iskarioth [Lyrik]

John Piper hat 1993 ein Gedicht zu Judas Iskarioth verfasst (leider auf englisch :-)):

For generations without shame
Iscariot had been a name
In Kirioth that everyone
Could trust, until the only son
Of Simon came of age and broke
His father’s heart. The common folk
Had thought it strange that Simon stayed
Unmarried after Mary laid
Her fevered head on Simon’s chest
And died before her swollen breast
Gave one day’s milk. He never told
His parents why, nor did they scold
Or press him for another wife.
For thirty years he lived his life
A widower with one great goal:
To love his son and save his soul.
No one but Simon knew what she
Had said that night. It was a plea,
And full of boding pain. She said,
„I fear, my love, that we have bred
A child of woe. And I have dreamed
A dream this night wherein it seemed
That something out of the abyss
Is here, and if he should but kiss,
It would mean death. O Simon, what
Have I brought forth, and we begot?
What evil deed and endless blot
Upon the name Iscariot?“

He held her in the candlelight
And fearful quietness all night.

„Dear Simon, can you see the dawn?“
„Not yet. The night is not yet gone.“
„For me it is,“ she said, „and O,
That I could take the boy and go!
Or second best: that he had not
Been born! O love, no matter what
He does . . . or is, do not despair
Or sink in utter gloom, or bear
What is not yours to bear. Come near.
Think not that you have failed, nor fear
That God’s unworthy of your trust,
Or that in this he is unjust.“ Gedicht zu Judas Iskarioth [Lyrik] weiterlesen